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Quarantine 2: Terminal

Horror movie by John Pogue from 2011.

Quarantine 2: Terminal

USA , 2011, 86min
Director: John Pogue

Mercedes Masöhn, Josh Cooke, Mattie Liptak, Ignacio Serricchio, Noree Victoria, Bre Blair, Lamar Stewart, George Back, Phillip DeVona, Julie

Quarantine 2: Terminal is an american horror film of the year 2011, which was directed by John Pogue. It's about a sequel to the film Quarantine which is a remake of the Spanish original image REC. In this movie is a remake it is not. The same night, when the american government left to insulate an apartment house, where the infection has spread, is at the los angeles airport ready to take-off the plane, on whose board he got the culprit and the creator of the disease, which illegally transported rats. One of them bites one of the passengers, and he later becomes aggressive, taking a bite other passengers. Passengers choose the aircraft to leave and hide into the cost of the hall. Their unhealthy surprise happens, when he hears from the police that they were uvaleni under quarantine and at the same time finding that the disease, which is transmitted through a bite extends, has a form of rabies.
Budget: $4,000,000
Genre: Horror Sci-Fi Mystery

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Rating by horrory.cz: 54 %
Rating by imdb.com: 52 %

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