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Sadako 3D 2

Horror movie by Cutomu Hanabusa from 2013.

Sadako 3D 2

Japan, 2013, 96min
Director: Cutomu Hanabusa

Miori Takimoto - Fuko Ando, Satomi Ishihara - Akane Ayukawa, Yusuke Yamamoto - Kiyoshi Kashiwada, Kôji

Fuko Ando (Miori Takimoto) is a 24-years-old graduate student in psychology. She is tasked to take care of her 4-year-old niece. Soon, mysterious events occur around her niece. She then learns of an incident involving a cursed video that took place 5 years earlier. Fuko Ando finds herself involved with the cursed video.

Sadako 3D 2 is a 2013 Japanese supernatural horror film directed by Tsutomu Hanabusa and the sequel to 2012's Sadako 3D.

Genre: Horror

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Rating by horrory.cz: 32 %
Rating by imdb.com: 47 %

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