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Black Death

Horror movie by Christopher Smith from 2010.

Black Death

Great Britain Germany, 2010, 102min
Director: Christopher Smith

Eddie Redmayne, Daniel Steiner, David Warner, Kimberley Nixon, Tobias Kasimirowicz, Emun Elliott, Sean Bean, Johnny Harris, Andy Nyman, Tygo

The year of our Lord 1348, in the English kingdom of the raging epidemic of the plague. Death does not discriminate and kills all without discrimination, safe from her, not even the monks behind monastery walls. One of them is a young novice Osmund who is torn between love for the girl Averill and love of God. Would like the monastery left, but also eager to serve God, and so it asks to send him a sign. In that moment, to the convent comes the bishop's envoy Ulric and brings news of the village, unaffected by plague. Among the people the rumor of a necromancer living, which, in conjunction with the dark forces she can raise the dead, and such rumors the church must be stopped. The village is located in the middle of a Large swamp and Ulric needs a guide. Osmund himself will offer and sets out to meet the world of darkness and cruel fanaticism. Slide the Black death, the genre oscilujíci between historical drama and horror, offers in addition to the thrilling spectacle also consideration of the relationship of faith and power, and the dangers of any fanaticism, derived either from miscalculation, or deep personal feelings. Impressively wrought with the story of some of his motifs gives the to remember the cult classic Wicker Man (1973) Robin Hardy, Coppolovu Apocalypse now (1979), but the mind comes and Vláčilovo Valley of the bees (1967). That tends to be darker film stories director Christopher Smith has proved already with its previous horror pictures Metro (2004) and Isolation (2006).
Genre: Horror Adventure Mystery

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Rating by horrory.cz: 68 %
Rating by imdb.com: 64 %

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