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Great White

Horror movie by Martin Wilson from 2021.

Great White

Australia USA, 2021, 91min
Director: Martin Wilson

Katrina Bowden - Kaz, Te Kohe Tuhaka - Benny, Aaron Jakubenko - Charlie, Kimie Tsukakoshi -

A fun filled flight to a remote atoll turns into a nightmare for five passengers when their seaplane is destroyed in a freak accident and they are trapped on a raft, 100 miles from shore with man-eating sharks lurking beneath the surface.

Great White is a 2021 Australian survival horror film directed by Martin Wilson, written by Michael Boughen and produced by Neal Kingston and Michael Robertson with executive producers Jack Christian and Christopher Figg. The film stars Katrina Bowden, Aaron Jakubenko, Tatjana Marjanovic and Kimie Tsukakoshi. In the film, two great white sharks circle five passengers aboard a stranded seaplane miles from shore.

Genre: Horror Thriller

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Rating by horrory.cz: 35 %
Rating by imdb.com: 39 %

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