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Horror movie by David Cronenberg from 1981.


Canada, 1981, 103min
Director: David Cronenberg

Jennifer O'Neill - Kim Obrist, Stephen Lack - Cameron Vale, Patrick McGoohan - Dr. Paul Ruth,

Canadian director David Cronenberg (the Fly ) made him famous among the lovers of horror movies, as the creator of intelligent, ambiguous images, characterised by a distinctive atmosphere and sense of effect or visual needs of the narrative. - Scanners ("sensors ") are people with extraordinary telepathic abilities, which collects the company ComSec for the need for his experiments. In the background of its activities is a scientist, that the whole action was already started years ago - dr. Ruth, the inventor of the slide, allowing the telepathic abilities not only on time dampen (and thus exempt ztraumatizované telepaths from an eternal ambient "noise" and concentrate them), but also to create... however, There is still an underground association of telepaths, led by a paranoid Revok, bent on world domination. Ruth asks the telepath Valea, who is not aware of his extraordinary abilities to him against Revokovi help. Combat is more complex, and forces are laid out differently than Vale assumed... The fight hits the beautiful telepath Kim, a mad sculptor and a computer, whose secret program can Cronenbergův hero "read" as easily as any of the unprotected human mind. - the Director plays out the story at first sparingly, and in the conclusion shall be limited to a relatively sober demonstration of the pyrotechnic and make-up effects. Rather than on them actually being built on the unusual atmosphere and well rozehraném the conflict of good and evil in man, over whose twists and turns you as a connoisseur of genre conventions, keeps bravura perspective.
Budget: $4,100,000
Genre: Horror Sci-Fi

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Rating by horrory.cz: 70 %
Rating by imdb.com: 68 %

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