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Horror movie by Brett Leonard from 1995.


USA, 1995, 106min
Director: Brett Leonard

Jeff Goldblum, Christine Lahti, Alicia Silverstone, Jeremy Sisto, Alfred Molina, Rae Dawn Chong, Kenneth Welsh, Suzy Joachim, Shirley Broderick,

Hatch Harrison has a car accident finds himself for two hours in a state of clinical death. From the unconscious it rips a specialist in resuscitation, dr. Nyebern. Return the patient to life, but he's somehow not his. Hatch at first considered a strange, scary and wonderful moments, which lived on the threshold of death, for the mere ravings. The gruesome vision and the oppressive nightmares that begin to haunt him, however, satisfied that touched the mystery of life after death. hatch gradually with horror discovers that his consciousness is on the threshold of death to link with the knowledge of the sadistic murderer of young girls Jeremy. The man becomes desperate to witness a few murders, which would commit himself. The police and a loving wife Lindsey, however, consider his conditions for delirium. No corpse was never found. Only Hatch he suspects that Jeremy's body odvléká in its secret hiding place, where they decorate your creepy shrine beloved of Satan. When he starts a mad killer to threaten Lindsey and his daughter Regina, decisions are taken by a desperate man to take their destiny into their own hands. begins to suspect that it won't be a duel between the criminal and his victim, but about a much more serious conflict of the higher powers of the heavenly and the hellish... Mystical thriller combines elements of thrilling drama around the search for a psychotic murderer with the motive of "life after death". mainly attracted the perfect sorts of tricks from the workshop of Tim Mcgovern (Oscar for sci-fi TOTAL RECALL) by the remarkable manner simulate the wandering of the human soul on the verge of life and death.
Budget: $15,000,000
Genre: Horror Fantasy Thriller

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Rating by horrory.cz: 57 %
Rating by imdb.com: 52 %

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