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Seven Blood-Stained Orchids

Horror movie by Umberto Lenzi from 1972.

Seven Blood-Stained Orchids

Germany Italy, 1972, 92min
Director: Umberto Lenzi

Antonio Sabato, Uschi Glas, Pier Paolo Capponi, Rossella Falk, Marina Malfatti, Renato Romano, Claudio Gora, Gabriella Giorgelli, Aldo Barberito,

Seven young women, one more beautiful than the other. Seven young women, which combines only the common stay in a seaside hotel a few years ago. Seven young women, gradually being picked off with a ruthless killer wearing black gloves. The killer, whose calling card is a necklace in the shape of a crescent. Can the husband of one of the girls to track down the menacing secrets of the past and uncover the killer before it's too late?
Genre: Horror Mystery Thriller

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Rating by horrory.cz: 59 %
Rating by imdb.com: 65 %

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