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Rattlers 2

Horror movie by Dustin Ferguson from 2021.

Rattlers 2

USA, 2021, 0min
Director: Dustin Ferguson

Mel Novak - Commissioner Lewis, Brinke Stevens - Rebecca, Dawna Lee Heising - Lindsay, Jennifer Nangle

A series of fatal rattlesnake attacks in the California desert re-opens an investigation that began 45 years ago.

There have been several rattlesnake attacks in the small town, and the sheriff is trying to find a connection to the 45-year-old case. A series of deadly attacks also occurred then, and now it seems that the reason could be the same.

The horror film Rattlers was made in 1976, and the case reopens after 45 years. The rattlesnakes attack again in 2021. Rattlesnakes 2 made a horror matador for B-movies and beat himself. The rating from all sides is relatively above average. The rattlesnakes are here.

Genre: Horror

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Rating by horrory.cz: 0 %
Rating by imdb.com: 73 %

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