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Horror movie by Jan Švankmajer from 2005.


Czech Republic, 2005, 118min
Director: Jan Švankmajer

Pavel Liška, Jan Tříska, Aňa Geislerová, Martin Huba, Jaroslav Dušek, Pavel Nový, Stano Dančiak, Jiří Krytinář, Helena Anýžová, Kateřina

The script of the film is freely based on the themes of two short stories Edgar Allan Poe's buried Alive and a Crazy psychiatrist. One of the main characters is the Marquis, a character inspired by the marquis de Sade. The plot of the whole movie is seemingly set in the early 19th. century in France, however, is full of anachronisms and cultural studies today, because it is an allegory of the contemporary world. And madhouse is his strong backdrop of absolute freedom, the civilization of repression and manipulation are his topic of...
Genre: Horror

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Rating by horrory.cz: 74 %
Rating by imdb.com: 70 %

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