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Horror movie by Friedrich Böhm from 2018.


Sweden USA, 2018, 92min
Director: Friedrich Böhm

Bel Powley - Anna, Liv Tyler - Ellen Cooper, Collin Kelly-Sordelet - Ray Cooper, Brad Dourif

A blossoming teenager uncovers the dark secret behind her traumatic childhood.

Anna (Bel Powley) has spent most of her life in the care of a mysterious man she refers to as "Daddy" (Brad Dourif - Child's PLay [1988]) who has kept her locked in the attic out of fear of a child-eating monster called the Wildling that lives in the woods. By the time Anna is 16, she is rescued by Sheriff Ellen Cooper (Liv Tyler - The Strangers [2008]) who helps Anna start her new life as a normal teenager. But as her body starts to develop, her childhood nightmares return, leading Anna to discover the secret of her true nature, a wildling.

Wildling is a 2018 American horror-fantasy film directed by Fritz Böhm starring Bel Powley, Brad Dourif, Liv Tyler and Collin Kelly-Sordelet, and co-starring James LeGros, Mike Faist and Troy Ruptash. The screenplay was co-written by Böhm and Florian Eder.

Genre: Horror Fantasy Drama

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Rating by horrory.cz: 53 %
Rating by imdb.com: 58 %

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