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Kong Island

Horror movie by Roberto Mauri from 1968.

Kong Island

Italy, 1968, 92min
Director: Roberto Mauri

Brad Harris, Esmeralda Barros, Marc Lawrence, Adriana Alben, Mark Farran, Aldo Cecconi, Paolo Magalotti, Mario Donatone, Miles Mason, Gino

Skull island hosts a macabre experiment. The giant ape is back! This time he found himself in the hands of mad scientists, who cynically using his superhuman strength. In addition, on the Island of skulls is not only thus abused specimen. A group of scientists embarks on an expedition, the aim of which is to explore the fauna of the virgin island. At night however, out of the tent kidnapped girl Ursula (Adriana Alben), and around the remaining part of the expedition begin to happen strange things. The clues eventually lead up to the underground laboratories where the come to the bottom of this zrůdnému of the experiment. A few mad scientists here implanted into the brain of the gorilla sensor, thanks to which they are doing these monkeys fully control. And with their help, planned nothing less than to take over the world.
Genre: Horror Action Sci-Fi

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Rating by horrory.cz: 39 %
Rating by imdb.com: 21 %

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