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Megan is Missing

Horror movie by Michael Goi from 2011.

Megan is Missing

USA, 2011, 85min
Director: Michael Goi

Rachel Quinn, Dean Waite, Jael Elizabeth Steinmeyer, Kara Wang, Brittany Hingle, Carolina Sabate, Trigve Hagen, Rudy Galvan, April Stewart, John K. Frazier, Tammy Klein,

Two teenage girls encounter an Internet child predator.

Megan Is Missing is a 2011 American drama horror film written and directed by Michael Goi. The film is presented by way of "found footage" and follows two early-teen girls that go online to find friends but instead go missing. It was released on DVD in May 2011.

Ban in New Zealand In October 2011, the New Zealand Censorship Board (OFLC) banned Anchor Bay's release of this film by classifying it as "objectionable". They claimed that it contained sexual violence and sexual conduct involving young people to such an extent and degree, and in such a manner that if it was released it would be "injurious to the public good". They went on to say that it relished in the spectacle of one girl's ordeal. They also stated that it sexualized the lives of young teenage girls to a "highly exploitative degree". (source: wikipedia)

Genre: Horror Mystery Thriller

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Rating by horrory.cz: 60 %
Rating by imdb.com: 48 %

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