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Horror movie by Tim Burton from 2012.


USA, 2012, 87min
Director: Tim Burton

Catherine O'Hara, Martin Short, Martin Landau, Charlie Tahan, Atticus Shaffer, Winona Ryder, Robert Capron, James Hiroyuki Liao, Conchata Ferrell,

Frankenweenie: a pet is a touching story of a boy and his dog. When young Victor unexpectedly loses his beloved dog Sparky, he calls on the help of science and your best friend will bring back to life – with just a few minor changes. Trying to get your creation to hide, but when Sparkymu manages to escape, finds Victor's classmates, teachers and other residents of the city, that the new birth can have terrible consequences.
Budget: $39,000,000
Genre: Horror Comedy Animovaná

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Rating by horrory.cz: 71 %
Rating by imdb.com: 70 %

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