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Happy Death Day

Horror movie by Christopher Landon from 2017.

Happy Death Day

USA, 2017, 96min
Director: Christopher Landon

Jessica Rothe - Tree Gelbman, Israel Broussard - Carter Davis, Ruby Modine - Lori, Rachel Black

A teenage girl, trying to enjoy her birthday, soon realizes that this is her final one. That is, if she can figure out who her killer is. She must relive that day, over and over again, dying in a different way each time. Can she solve her own murder?

Happy Death Day is a 2017 American slasher film directed by Christopher B. Landon and written by Scott Lobdell. It stars Jessica Rothe and Israel Broussard. The film was produced by Jason Blum through his Blumhouse Productions banner.

The film was first announced in July 2007, with Megan Fox (Jennifer's Body [2009]) attached to star. The film was originally titled "Half to Death", and was to be produced by Michael Bay.

Budget: $5,000,000
Genre: Horror Mystery Thriller

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Rating by horrory.cz: 68 %
Rating by imdb.com: 65 %

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