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Všichni do jednoho

Horror movie by Karel Žalud from 2004.

Všichni do jednoho

Czech Republic, 2004, 105min
Director: Karel Žalud

Alice Šnirychová-Dvořáková, Kateřina Janečková, Miroslav Kolář, Jiří Maria Sieber, Karel Zima, Radek Zima

To a large basement room is closed six participants in the strange reality-show called All for one. Their task is to stand together in cramped conditions for at least one month. At the end is waiting for the million dollar reward. The problem is that the rules of the game are not quite so clear. Everyone present creates a sort of artificial family: "father" is unemployed garbage man, Vladimir, "mother" shy peasant Renáta, "children" are a student of the sociology of Paul, into each sealed girl Kamila and optimistic adventurer Peter. The last member of the group is "grandpa", former prisoner of the uranium mines. The group is going through severe tests of mutual trust, ponorkovými conditions and explosive situations. No one has any idea about the time, because there is no daylight or working hours. The tension slowly escalates to unbearable. Attempt to escape from the enclosure fails. The players eventually realize that on the surface of the earth is apparently something happened, what remained forever forgotten...Independent Czech picture is the first full-length work of screenwriter and director Charles Helmet. With the hyperbole reveals the dark side of the world's advanced television genre of reality show. You can even talk about the visionary inspiration: the script for the movie actually originated earlier than this type of show appeared on Czech screens. (the official text of the distributor)
Genre: Horror Drama

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Rating by horrory.cz: 64 %
Rating by imdb.com: 60 %

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