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Horror movie by Filip Maciejewicz from 2014.


USA, 2014, 82min
Director: Filip Maciejewicz

Adrian Voo, Bo Linton, Caroline Attwood, Christine Springett, Patrick Edward Wynne, Kathinka van Putten, Omar Hansen, Athena Baumeister, Velta Moore, David Neff, Michael Whitton,

In an abandoned asylum, doctors carry out secret experiments on unsuspecting patients. The experiments, codenamed Limes, are designed to cure violent episodes through new methods of brainwashing and mind manipulation.

Seventy-Nine, also known as 79th Patient and The Asylum, is an American direct-to-video science-fiction film written and directed by Filip Maciejewicz. The film stars an ensemble cast that includes Adrian Voo, Jonathan Rosenthal and Bo Linton.

Genre: Horror Mystery Action

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Rating by horrory.cz: 25 %
Rating by imdb.com: 38 %

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