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The Amityville Asylum

Horror movie by Andrew Jones from 2013.

The Amityville Asylum

Great Britain, 2013, 88min
Director: Andrew Jones

Sarah Louise Madison, Eileen Daly, Kenton Hall, Lee Bane, Jared Morgan, Sophia Del Pizzo, Paul Kelleher, Matthew Batte, Liam

Lisa Templeton got a new job as a uklázečka in the hospital for the mentally ill in Amityville. After the initial joy of the new job came the disillusionment when he finds that at night, there are unexplained events. If Lisa wants to preserve their mental health must uncover the mysterious history of the institution and their inmates. The truth is, however, much scarier than anyone can imagine.
Budget: $20,000
Genre: Horror

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Rating by horrory.cz: 34 %
Rating by imdb.com: 26 %

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