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Horror movie by René Cardona Jr. from 1977.


Great Britain Mexico, 1977, 126min
Director: René Cardona Jr.

Susan George, Hugo Stiglitz, Andrés García, Fiona Lewis, Eleazar García, Roberto "Flaco" Guzmán, Jennifer Ashley, Laura Lyons, Carlos East,

At the beginning of this horror-romantic drama with quite a bold dose of eroticism with charming girls from different continents swimming in the sea and relax on the beach in Mexico. Time blithely passes and problems of the outside world like they never existed. But a group of sharks and in a moment bursts out uncontrollable panic. Hope now will be to deny to the two handsome hunters sharks. It is, however, really about the hero, or they may, in fact, that sharks get so close to the shore? Hunters of sharks, Steven (Hugo Stiglitz) and Miguel (Andrés García) moreover, far from being interested only about shark, much more them currently it's about sunbather beauty. Therefore we will be seeing a lot of love adventures, where you will not skimp with daring shots – Steve can be first together with the lovely Patricia (Fiona Lewis - Strange behavior [1981], Dance of the vampires [1967]), which, however, can subsequently prefer Miguel. That Steve gets angry and confronts both friends against each other. And then for the first time in a shark attack, killer... Later but the two friends end up making up and acquainted with the other girls, Kelly (Jennifer Ashley) and Cynthia (Laura Lyons). Their acquaintance, however, lasts only until the moment when they meet the beautiful Gabriella (Susan George - Fright [1971]). The enchant both young men at once and even she has a soft spot for both of them. The result is that they are becoming lovers ' trio, which is enjoying life together and even has an unofficial wedding. The idyll, however, ends when a bloodthirsty shark comes back and will kill Miguel. Gabriella Steve is leaving and he will have to face the shark alone...
Genre: Horror Romantic Drama

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Rating by horrory.cz: 41 %
Rating by imdb.com: 40 %

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