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Horror Story

Horror movie by Jaroslav Brabec from 1993.

Horror Story

Czech Republic, 1993, 99min
Director: Jaroslav Brabec

Ondřej Pavelka, Klára Jirsáková, Raoul Schránil, Jakub Saic, Vladimír Marek, Veronika Freimanová, Jiřina Jelenská, Rudolf Hrušínský ml., Barbora Hrzánová,

Distinctive designer, typographer, writer Josef Váchal knows the public mainly thanks to his Bloody novel. Surreal rozkošatělost this defense fallen čtiva 19. century took Jaroslav Brabec and his co-workers and find the matching image of the "trash" 20. century. Interested authors focuses mainly on the period silent movie, a walk through the history of cinema continues through the advent of sound film until now (auteur film 60. years, the modern horror film), formally here we find e.g. the use of techniques for the tinting of the film). Versatile skits intertwined colorful story riot with the story of the author (Vachal/Clearings), komentujícího and producing your book, and cleaved in addition, in the storyline to the characters Fragonarda and Master. As well as Váchal enters into the fiction still more strongly the reality that the only "happy ending" turned out to be a finished artist's work.
Genre: Horror Adventure

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Rating by horrory.cz: 69 %
Rating by imdb.com: 63 %

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