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Red Hill

Horror movie by Patrick Hughes from 2010.

Red Hill

Australia, 2010, 94min
Director: Patrick Hughes

Ryan Kwanten, Steve Bisley, Tommy Lewis, Claire van der Boom, Christopher Davis, Kevin Harrington, Richard Sutherland, Ken Radley, John

Young police officer Shane Cooper (Ryan Kwanten - the Ominous silence [2007], 7500 [2013]) just moved to the small town of Red Hill, where he wants to settle down with his pregnant wife Alice (Claire van der Boom). The first business day in the new place but comes the news that he broke out of Jimmy Conway (Tommy Lewis), an incorrigible killer. He returns to Red Hill to exact revenge. Peaceful service for Shane quickly turns into a nightmare. If he is to survive day and night, must take the law into their own hands. Dark and skillfully shot thriller with elements of western and horror, which stands out with a refined camera, takes place during a single day and night and there is also a large dose of explosive violence and cruelty. The story focuses on the relationships between Shane, a rough head of the local police the old Bill (Steve Bisley) and deformed by a heartless murderer Conway. Directorial debut of Patrick Hughes is a modern police drama filmed in the western style. Hughes ' inspirations were the films of Robert Rodriguez, brethren Coenů and George Miller.
Genre: Horror Western Thriller

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Rating by horrory.cz: 59 %
Rating by imdb.com: 64 %

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