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King of the Ants

Horror movie by Stuart Gordon from 2003.

King of the Ants

USA, 2003, 102min
Director: Stuart Gordon

Chris McKenna, Kari Wuhrer, George Wendt, Vernon Wells, Lionel Mark Smith, Timm Sharp, Daniel Baldwin, Carissa Kosta, Briana Beghi,

From the master of horror films, Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator [1985], the Pit and the pendulum [1991], Dagon [2001]) comes a dark crime thriller with Daniel Baldwin in one of the main roles. The young man without work and without background Sean (Chris McKenna) to one day get an unexpected opportunity - he gets an offer to work for an entrepreneur named Mathews. First, it's only about the acquisition of several photographic images of alderman, which collects evidence of Mathewsových dirty stores, and on its monitoring. But then he is asked about the much-worse thing about murder. And implement it... Instead of rewarding him but waiting Mathewsův ranch, where his henchmen almost beaten to death. Although he manages to escape, but he's not the same Sean, but man, or rather monster, which is driven by a desire for bloody retribution!
Genre: Horror Crime Thriller

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Rating by horrory.cz: 51 %
Rating by imdb.com: 62 %

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