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Leprechaun 2

Horror movie by Rodman Flender from 1994.

Leprechaun 2

USA, 1994, 85min
Director: Rodman Flender

Warwick Davis, Charlie Heath, Shevonne Durkin, Sandy Baron, Adam Biesk, James Lancaster, Linda Hopkins, Arturo Gil, Kimmy Robertson, Clint

It says the tenth century. Leprechaun (Warwick Davis) is issued to find a beautiful and innocent bride. Even if it is small in stature, has tremendous strength and even greater taste ... the Father of the chosen one never wants to discuss marriage and defending his daughter, how can. But unlike the Leprechaun is mortal. Leprechaunovi have nothing in the way and leads into his secret lair of the lovely Bridget (Shevonne Durkin). Looking forward to the wedding night, about which dreamed for centuries. Waiting for him, however, many unpleasant surprises.Leprechaun series Leprechaun: Leprechaun 1 [1993], Leprechaun 2 [1994], Leprechaun 3 [1995], Leprechaun 4 [1996], Leprechaun 5 [2000], Leprechaun 6 [2003]RemakyLeprechaun: Origins [2014]
Budget: $2,000,000
Genre: Horror Fantasy Comedy

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Rating by horrory.cz: 51 %
Rating by imdb.com: 42 %

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