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Orca: Killer Whale

Horror movie by Michael Anderson from 1977.

Orca: Killer Whale

USA , 1977, 92min
Director: Michael Anderson

Richard Harris, Charlotte Rampling, Will Sampson, Bo Derek, Deenan Wynn, Robert Carradine, Scott Walker, Peter Hooten, Wayne Heffley, Vincent

Killer whale is one of the most intelligent animals in the world. Like people has one mate, and if a person gets hurt, the killer whale remember and it is more than certain that he will want revenge. Captain Nolah (Richard Harris) has on the conscience of the whale a female, even with the expected addition. A dead killer whale washes up sea to shore and Rachel (Charlotte Ramplingová) other people Nolan cautioned that he was waiting for payback. And a really pissed off whale often shows at the shore, to later destroyed the anchored ship and clearly made it clear that this is not the end. Even Nolan looking at her sticking out of the fin starts to realize that the killer whale will search for, lie in wait, to hunt and mercilessly chase with the sole thought of vengeance across the sea, no matter the time or on the various obstacles. Has Nolan the chance to get rid of eternal persecution by eliminating his stalker? Will he at all?
Genre: Horror Adventure Thriller

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Rating by horrory.cz: 69 %
Rating by imdb.com: 52 %

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