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Return to Nuke 'Em High Volume 1

Horror movie by Lloyd Kaufman from 2013.

Return to Nuke 'Em High Volume 1

USA, 2013, 85min
Director: Lloyd Kaufman

Asta Paredes, Catherine Corcoran, Vito Trigo, Clay von Carlowitz, Zac Amico, Mike Baez, Tara E. Miller, Lemmy, Michael C.

In their 86 years president of Troma Lloyd Kaufman finally realized that he has to follow in the footsteps of Lars von Trier, and after his pattern, cut your new image on the two full-length halves. The first part of his Return to the atomic grammar school even Trierovu a Nymphomaniac in a lot of ways she overcomes – at least in the number of liters of green slime on the canvas and what the proportions of the longest shown of the penis (it's Lloyd prevailed even in the order of decimetres). Return to atomic gymnasium is in addition the recovery of one of the largest tromáckých classic, Atomic school (1986), which you can remember even from the Czech video stores. High school students from Tromákova in him mutate not only due to puberty, but also the contribution of the nearby nuclear power plant. In the new image atomic energy have replaced the products of a wicked conglomerate "Tromorganické food", a bunch of mutated hooligans replaced zvlčilá group of members of a local boys ' choir and the place of the central couple in love take a pair of horny half-lesbians. But in Tromákově left all the essentials in the old. Kaufman under each racked up more brown organic pile of hysterical humor, bizarre sex, overstated the bloody effects, farting naked fat people, hate against the global corporations of all kinds and the self-reflective references to tromac universe. Myself Lloyd about the movie in addition declares: "Ingenious people will figure out that there is a love story, comedy... treatise against the humiliation. Intercession for the rights of all mankind."
Genre: Horror Comedy Sci-Fi

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Rating by horrory.cz: 60 %
Rating by imdb.com: 61 %

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