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Rose Red

Horror movie by Craig R. Baxley from 2002.

Rose Red

USA, 2002, 254min
Director: Craig R. Baxley

Nancy Travis - Prof. Joyce Reardon, Matt Keeslar - Steve Rimbauer, Kimberly J. Brown - Annie Wheaton,

The thrilling story revolves around a dark house with eerie and dark history, which stands in the middle of Seattle. Already during its construction cost the lives of some workers and during the past hundred years in it under mysterious circumstances, killed five men and disappeared without a trace eighteen of the women. In addition, it appears that the house lives a life of its own and according to their own will change their layout and number of rooms. Since 1995, however, house reportedly showed no signs of his unusual life. His owner is currently the last living descendant of the genus Rimbauerů, Steve Rimbauer, whose friend, professor Joyce Reardon is a house literally obsessed with trying to uncover its secrets. Plus, he needs success in the quest for the secrets of the house to save his career, vulnerable to the hatred and malice of professor Carl Miller, who took care of her at the department of psychology intend to get rid of the function. Gives therefore brought together a group of six people, each of which is not only a loser, who has nothing to lose, but also is equipped with some kind of supernatural properties. For a fee of five thousand dollars to participate in her quest to uncover the secrets of the house and mysterious events. He believes that in the house of the raging and murdering the ghost of Ellen Rimbauer, the insane wife of the architect, which house designed and built. The group next to Joyce and Steve form the old clairvoyant Viktor Kandinsky, smiling older lady Cathy Kramer, which controls the automatic writing using the psychic tables, a tubby guy in his thirties Emery Waterman, who can see into the past and also sees the ghosts, a comely blonde Pam Asbury who has visions when something touches a sympathetic psychic Nick Hardaway, who reads minds and is so sickly hilarious and in the end Rachel Wheaton and her sister Annie, a fifteen-year-old autistic girl who is gifted not only of telepathy but also telekinesis, and seems to that for Joyce and the examination of the house will be the most important person. Out of these six brave souls, however, into the house secretly infiltrates also a young photographer Kevin Bollinger, which sent professor Miller with the intention of professor Reardon using photos from the session discredit and ridicule from professionals and the public. Instead of scandalous shots, however, the photographer is waiting soon death and so Kevin became after years of peace the first casualty and other paranormal phenomena around the corner. But Joyce's is not enough, it needs really an unquestionable proof and what you get is much more than I was hoping, and unfortunately, much more than she wished. Kevin is the first, but by far not the last victims house, which constantly grows and grows.
Genre: Horror

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Rating by horrory.cz: 73 %
Rating by imdb.com: 67 %

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