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Fever Lake

Horror movie by Ralph E. Portillo from 1996.

Fever Lake

USA, 1996, 90min
Director: Ralph E. Portillo

Bo Hopkins, Corey Haim, Mario Lopez, Lauren Parker, Randy Josselyn, Mary-Rachel Foot, Mathea Webb, Michael Wise, Edward Cullen-Grochowiak, Kevin

Howling wind whips the trees in the stormy night of the year 1940. Like an echo of thunder bursts into an old victorian house on a secluded lake man. Angry and full of rudeness. Fear controlled by the mother hides her young son in the attic. He becomes the only witness to her murder. When the man of the house leaves, the echo's talking to him the words of the boy from the shelter. "You're cursed, you can't escape!" Now it is 1996 and a group of friends planning a weekend away. Albert (Corey Haim - the Lost boys, Silver bullet)will offer as a place to rest house at the lake, which belongs to their family. "He was for some time abandoned, but it will be beautiful," is Albert your friends. As a wonderful weekend, it looks like the moment before dábelské forces put in motion.
Genre: Horror

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Rating by horrory.cz: 23 %
Rating by imdb.com: 28 %

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