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Final Destination 2

Horror movie by David R. Ellis from 2003.

Final Destination 2

USA Canada, 2003, 90min
Director: David R. Ellis

Ali Larter, A.J.Cook, Michael Landes, David Paetkau, James Kirk, Lynda Boyd, Keegan Connor Tracy, Jonathan Cherry, Terrence "T.C." Carson,

Clear Rivers (Ali Larterová) the only one that survived the accident flight no. 180. All the other passengers, who as well as she initially fled the fall of the aircraft, with the later one after another felt like the into the cold arms of death. Irreversible fate you gradually chose their lives and equalized the number of randomly outdated almost to zero. Clear knows that she is now on the line. Death at her getting ready and only coincidence can save them. Unfortunately, it is the only one that believes it. Everyone else thinks that the shock of the death of her friends was strong enough that she has lost judgment. That's why she now keeps under lock and key in a psychiatric clinic, where it may death find in one and thousands of other opportunities. Well, death has yet to elsewhere hands full. Kimberly Corman Is (And.J.Cook) has a strange vision - she and her friends died on the road no. 23, in the terrible collision of the cars where flying body parts together with metal and plastic fragments. It was a mental attack of fear? Or perhaps a warning? Kimberly is the best way to the institute for a Clear. Will he live long enough?The second part of the series final destination - 1. part 3. part 4. part and 5. part.
Budget: $26,000,000
Genre: Horror Mystery

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Rating by horrory.cz: 68 %
Rating by imdb.com: 62 %

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