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Silent Venom

Horror movie by Fred Olen Ray from 2009.

Silent Venom

USA , 2009, 84min
Director: Fred Olen Ray

Luke Perry, Krista Allen, Tom Berenger, Louis Mandylor, Anthony Tyler Quinn, John L. Curtis, Robert Catrini, David Andriole, Sam

The greatest danger to their mission is already on board. On a deserted island full of snakes hiding a military base and the laboratory of dr. Swanson and her colleagues, who want to make a universal snake antivenom. Due to the impending war, however, they will have to hastily drop everything and go to Taiwan an old-fashioned submarine. With each other they're bringing their deadly poisonous serpent wards, which during the voyage manages to escape. The hunt for the unsuspecting crew can begin!
Budget: $2,000,000
Genre: Horror Action Sci-Fi

Imdb.com CZ

Rating by horrory.cz: 22 %
Rating by imdb.com: 32 %

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