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Shark Hunter

Horror movie by Matt Codd from 2001.

Shark Hunter

USA , 2001, 94min
Director: Matt Codd

Antonio Sabato Jr., Christian Toulali, Grand L. Bush, Heather Marie Marsden, Velizar Binev, Hristo Shopov, Robert Zachar, Bojka Velkova,

When was Spencer Northcut small boy, he sailed with his parents on the sea on board a small yacht. An ordinary ride but at night turned into an unexpected tragedy, when the ship attacked the huge monster of the sea. The ship sank and killed by Spencer's father and mother. The boy himself survived only by a miracle and only a miracle could on the open sea to survive long enough to be able to be saved. This event forever scarred. He grew up in a reclusive and self contained man obsessed with the only desire to return to the sea, to find and kill the monster that robbed him of parents, childhood and happiness. Therefore, with fanatical determination, he graduated not only marine biology, but also marine engineering and marine engineering. He became a recognized oceánologem and according to their own designs designed and built a submarine, which he called Argus. Now I just have to wait for an opportunity to run a submarine under the water and embark on a quest, which is a long time failing, because a private company, that the construction of submarines in large part funded, does not intend sub use to a private hunting down vengeful scientist. In the end, however, Spencer eventually. Is asked, to with Argus participated in the investigation of the causes of the destruction of costly undersea station, in whose ruins the entire crew was killed. Spencer has with other experts to find out what and why the disaster caused. In the middle of the debris finds a huge tooth and comes to the belief that the station destroyed a huge shark, a megalodon, which had supposedly become extinct before the hundreds of millions of years. Considers that the same monster is responsible for the death of his parents. On board the submarine, however, does not grasp the most favorable atmosphere. Angst and Harrington Spencer doesn't believe Tchenko doesn't want to be with anyone of them nothing to do, and so the only one who believes in the existence of a giant shark, is Cheryl. However, it has a hook. Cheryl as a scientist refuses to Spencer's intention megalodona kill. He wants to catch him for further scientific researches. After a stormy discussion, eventually the crew of the submarine decides a sea monster to catch. Armed with torpedoes, harpoons filled with a strong sedative and miniponorkou hydrogen, Argus publishes into the depths. The monster, however, never surprised, and when attempting to catch a submarine attacked and seriously damaged. Now you and Cheryl realizes that the monster must be mercilessly destroyed. And as soon as possible, because the systems damaged submarine slowly leaving. Spencer offers to on board mini-submarine penetrates to the monster and placed on his body to the transmitter, which will help focus the torpedoes. The intention, however, doesn't work, because the torpedo explodes in the damaged chamber and destroys Argus, even with the whole crew. In the middle of the ocean so it remains against each other megalodon and Spencer inside of a small mini-submarine. Can a person even in such a hopeless situation to reverse the victory to your side?
Genre: Horror Action Adventure

Imdb.com CZ

Rating by horrory.cz: 11 %
Rating by imdb.com: 25 %

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