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Horror movie by Mike Nichols from 1994.


USA , 1994, 125min
Director: Mike Nichols

Jack Nicholson, Michelle Pfeiffer, James Spader, Kate Nelligan, Richard Jenkins, Christopher Plummer, Eileen Atkins, David Hyde Pierce, Om Puri,

The editor of the new york publisher Will Randall is one night on a deserted road bitten by a wolf. At first it seems that the injury no repercussions, but Will soon realize that his body is something very strange. Feels extraordinarily fresh, unnaturally he has your sense of hearing and sense of smell. The wolf handed him his abilities and what's more, even your nature. Will is suddenly stronger, harder, more aggressive. Just because he can defy the situation in which he found himself. His boss wants to the able and intelligent editor to get rid of, best friend seduced his wife... "Old" Will be before the blows of fate passively bent, "new" Will decide the situation aggressively to address and stand up to resistance. His days are filled with osnováním plans, how to keep a job, and a nascent amorous relationship to the chief's beautiful daughter Laura. The nights are shrouded in mystery. Will wakes up bloodied and in their pockets located evidence of the gruesome fact that his life after dark controls of the wolf passion.
Budget: $70,000,000
Genre: Horror Romantic Drama

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Rating by horrory.cz: 74 %
Rating by imdb.com: 61 %

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