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Mega Piranha

Horror movie by Eric Forsberg from 2010.

Mega Piranha

USA , 2010, 92min
Director: Eric Forsberg

Paul Logan, Tiffany, Barry Williams, David Labiosa, Jude Gerard Prest, Jesse Daly, Cooper Harris, William Morse, Clint Browning, Matt

Giant piranhas are attacking, do not hesitate to swallow a boat or a helicopter. All this and much more in the film, which is brimming with the latest computer effects, oversized bloodthirsty monsters, stylish deaths and acrobatic feats of the front of predators. Originally the genetically modified, fast-growing and breeding piranhas serve as food to the starving. But one day, these dangerous predators manage to find your way to freedom, and from the venezuelan laboratories gradually eat the way to Florida. Stop them can only biologist Sarah Monroe (Tiffany) and agent Jason Fitch (Paul Logan).
Genre: Horror Sci-Fi

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Rating by horrory.cz: 23 %
Rating by imdb.com: 26 %

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