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Children of the Corn

Horror movie by Donald P. Borchers from 2009.

Children of the Corn

USA, 2009, 92min
Director: Donald P. Borchers

David Anders, Kandyse McClure, Daniel Newman, Preston Bailey, Robert Gerdisch, Jordan Schmidt, Remington Jennings, Austin Dreher, Dominic Plue, Lexie

While traveling, an unhappy married couple encounter a cult of murderous children who worship an entity called He Who Walks Behind the Rows.

Children of the Corn is a 2009 made-for-television horror film directed, written and produced by Donald P. Borchers and based on the 1977 short story of the same name by Stephen King. Set primarily in 1975 in the fictional town of Gatlin, Nebraska, the film centers on traveling couple Burt and Vicky as they fight to survive a cult of murderous children who worship an entity known as He Who Walks Behind The Rows, which had years earlier manipulated the children into killing every adult in town.

Budget: $2,000,000
Genre: Horror

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Rating by horrory.cz: 33 %
Rating by imdb.com: 39 %

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