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Return to House on Haunted Hill

Horror movie by Víctor García from 2007.

Return to House on Haunted Hill

USA , 2007, 79min
Director: Víctor García

Amanda Righetti, Cerina Vincent, Erik Palladino, Tom Riley, Andrew Lee Potts, Jeffrey Combs, Steven Pacey, Calita Rainford, Gil Kolirin,

Eight years after the millionaire Mr. Price rented Hill House for a macabre birthday party, a team of researchers dares to come in, looking for a precious statue, a satanic idol who is believed to possess demonic powers.

Return to House on Haunted Hill is a 2007 direct-to-DVD horror film and the sequel to the 1999 film House on Haunted Hill. Directed by Víctor García and written by William Masa, the film stars Amanda Righetti, Tom Riley, Cerina Vincent and Erik Palladino. The film follows Ariel Wolfe - younger sister of Sara Wolfe; the previous films protagonist - being forced by a group of people to search for a mysterious idol hidden inside a haunted psychiatric asylum.

Genre: Horror Thriller

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Rating by horrory.cz: 43 %
Rating by imdb.com: 45 %

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