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Horror movie by Mike Flanagan from 2011.


USA , 2011, 87min
Director: Mike Flanagan

Katie Parker, Courtney Bell, Dave Levine, Morgan Peter Brown, Justin Gordon, James Flanagan, Scott Graham, Doug Jones, Ian Gregory,

Tricia's husband Daniel is seven years missing. Tricia finally decides to declare Daniel dead and try to give you your life back together. When her sister begins to dangerously attracted to an ominous tunnel near their house. Tricia's husband is seven years missing. Her younger sister Callie to her moves in trying to help Tricia to overcome stress and finally have him declared dead. Tricia is trying to begin life again, Callie, however, continues to attract an ominous tunnel near their house. Even in it he finds a connection to other people, who have mysteriously disappeared. Soon it is clear that Daniel is probably dead... or worse, it seems that both sisters are in danger... and soon finds out that Tricia's husband probably met a fate much worse than death...
Budget: $70,000
Genre: Horror Mystery Drama

Imdb.com CZ

Rating by horrory.cz: 46 %
Rating by imdb.com: 56 %

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