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Amityville Curse, The

Horror movie by Tom Berry from 1989.

Amityville Curse, The

, 1989, 91min
Director: Tom Berry

Kim Coates, Jan Rubeš st., Cassandra Gava, Tyrone Benskin

A group of five friends decides to buy old peasant cottages, you want to renovate. All are old friends from college, in addition to Frank, husband of Abigail, a former beauties from the dorm. About Frank's past Abigail never knew. Debbie, the girl of the group, will recognize the cottage at first sight. It is the house of her bad dreams. Over time, they begin to happen still, stranger things and its a nightmare to chase in the waking state. Too late friends will understand what is happening and haunted house will become a gruesome battleground on for dear life... the Cult film of the american horror genre with an extraordinary group of actors, in which the foreground stands Cassandra Gavaová (Conan the Barbarian), Kim Coates (Blind fear, the tv-series Miami Vice) and Jan Rubes (the Witness, the Mountain of courage).
Genre: Horror

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Rating by horrory.cz: 34 %
Rating by imdb.com: 28 %

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