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M3GAN 2.0

Horror movie by Akela Cooper from 2025.

M3GAN 2.0

USA, 2025, 0min
Director: Akela Cooper

M3GAN represents a marvel of artificial intelligence, a perfectly programmed machine that can be a child's best friend, and perhaps more crucially, a perfect ally to their parents. The doll is created by Gemma (Allison Williams), a brilliant engineer working for a leading toy company. When her sister and brother-in-law die in a car accident, Gemma's eight-year-old niece Cady (Violet McGraw), who survives the crash with only minor scratches, is thrust into her life. As Gemma struggles with children and the traumatized Cady needs some excitement and, above all, friends, Cady becomes the ideal tester for the M3GAN prototype. This decision will have far-reaching consequences. Initially, everything develops wonderfully – the girl quickly recovers in the company of her new "friend," and for Gemma, the knowledge that there is a being that can watch over, advise, and raise Cady is the ideal solution. However, prototypes are characterized by being technically imperfect and much can go wrong. Especially in the case of M3GAN, who in fulfilling her key mission, namely protecting Cady, is willing to do anything. Even if it means crossing deadly lines. (CinemArt)

The sequel was announced on January 18, 2023, less than two weeks after the original's critically and commercially successful cinema release. It was simultaneously confirmed that Allison Williams and Violet McGraw would be reprising their roles as Gemma and Cady, respectively.

The next installment is set for release in 2025.

Genre: Horror

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