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Horror movie by Jaroslav Mottl from 2012.


sk, 2012, 94min
Director: Jaroslav Mottl

Gabriela Marcinková - , Petra Blesáková - , Michal Jánoš - , Peter Brajerčík - ,

In an abandoned church near Banská Bystrica in Slovakia, police find the charred dead body of an unknown young man. Student Jana, who lives in the place, has a feeling that it may be related to the disappearance of one guy after which the earth fell. The roommates don't think so, and they want to prove it to her. They will go to the crime scene to confirm or disprove their hypothesis. However, strange sounds are heard on the site from the fountain, and inexplicable things happen. They film everything on camera and have no idea that what they will face in the next few hours will be beyond everything that belongs to our perception. The borders will be crossed in all directions. And the only proof of what's gonna happen that night is gonna be on the surveillance footage. The film was directed by Jaroslav Mottl and stars Gabriela marcinková, Michal jároš, Petra blesáková and Peter brajerčík.
Genre: Horror

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Rating by horrory.cz: 53 %
Rating by imdb.com: 46 %

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