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The Unfamiliar

Horror movie by Henk Pretorius from 2020.

The Unfamiliar

Great Britain, 2020, 89min
Director: Henk Pretorius

Jemima West - Elizabeth (Izzy) Cormack, Christopher Dane - Ethan Cormack, Rebecca Hanssen - Emma Cormack,

A British Army doctor comes back from a war, thinking that she has PTSD only to discover that there is a more daunting malevolence at work making the life that she knew unfamiliar.

The Unfamiliar is a 2020 british horror movie directed by Henk Pretorius and staring Jemima West as Elizabeth, Christopher Dane as Ethan Cormack, Rebecca Hanssen as Emma Cormack, Harry McMillian-Hunt as Tommy Cormack, Rachel Lin as Auntie Mae and Tori Butler-Hart as Kaimoni.

Genre: Horror Thriller

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Rating by horrory.cz: 30 %
Rating by imdb.com: 56 %

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