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Horror movie by F.A. Brabec from 2000.


Czech Republic, 2000, 81min
Director: F.A. Brabec

Linda Rybová, Bolek Polívka, Kateřina Janečková, Klára Sedláčková - Oltová, Karel Dobrý, Sandra Nováková, Stella Zázvorková, Jana Švandová, Alena

See seven dramatic stories about the desires, your obsessions and selfishness, the Inspiration of the film was a collection of ballads of the Czech author of the 19th. century To. J. Erben, whose formation is parallel to the poetry of E. And. Poe, full of passion and ghosts. The bouquet was first published in 1853 and belongs to the basic works of national literary classics. Spoluscenáris-the cameraman and the director of the film F. And. Brabec made a work based on original art stylization and accentuating the refinement of his pictorial vision. Next to the engrossing visual component is another prominent feature of this film poem about the poems the music of J. Jirásek. Exceptional camera, music and sound (J. Klenka) appreciate ČFTA the Czech lion. The Film was nominated ČFTA in seven categories including the most prestigious best film. Producer of the film and co-author of the screenplay, in collaboration with M. Macourkem, is a successful actress Dean Jakubisková-Horváth, wife of the eminent Czech-Slovak director Juraj Jakubiska. His poster to the Bouquet was awarded as the best in the year 2000. The bouquet is placed to the most top grossing domestic films of recent years.
Genre: Horror Romantic Fantasy

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Rating by horrory.cz: 76 %
Rating by imdb.com: 70 %

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