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Horror movie by David Pastor, Àlex Pastor from 2009.


USA , 2009, 84min
Director: David Pastor, Àlex Pastor

Lou Taylor Pucci, Chris Pine, Piper Perabo, Emily VanCamp, Christopher Meloni, Kiernan Shipka

In this apocalyptic story has hit the United states of america a terrifying viral pandemic. Four friends (Piper Perabová, Chris Pine, Emily VanCampová and Josh Berry) she tries to escape, but soon finds out that they're both dangerous to more than the disease threatened from the air.Four friends are going across the desert to the beach. However, this is not a joyful celebration of the end of the semester. Trying to escape the end of the world and also to each other. In order to escape a deadly virus that kills mercilessly all around, Danny with his brother Brian, his girlfriend Bobby and friend Kate embark on a journey across the southwest USA. Playing for time and every minute is very precious. During the four days, a group of students struggling with heavy moral decisions. Friends eventually find that the greatest danger is not mortal microbes, but the dark side of themselves.
Genre: Horror Sci-Fi Drama

Imdb.com CZ

Rating by horrory.cz: 60 %
Rating by imdb.com: 61 %

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