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El Conde Drácula

Horror movie by Jesús Franco from 1970.

El Conde Drácula

Italy Spain, 1970, 98min
Director: Jesús Franco

Christopher Lee - Dracula, Klaus Kinski - Reinfierd, Herbert Lom - Van Helsing, Maria Rohm -

The most famous horror novel of all time comes to life in terrifying adaptation of the shining star actors names. The demonic count Dracula personified by Christopher Lee, a combination of, inter alia, the roles of Saruman from Lord of the rings, and the deranged Renfield the evil Klaus Kinski, himself a famous representative of the title characters. Jonathan Harker arrives at the castle of the old count Dracula to negotiate the sale of a remote mansion somewhere in the vicinity of Budapest. At the castle, getting into the maelstrom of horrific events that will forever change his life. With effort he manages to escape and get to the clinic of dr. Van Helsing. Here he meets not only with his fiancée Mina (Maria Rohm), her friend Lucy (Soledad Miranda), or the mad Renfieldem (Klaus Kinski - the Vampire Nosferatu), but even with the count himself. The eternal battle between good and evil begins... (the official text of the distributor)
Genre: Horror

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Rating by horrory.cz: 47 %
Rating by imdb.com: 58 %

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