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The Body

Horror movie by Oriol Paulo from 2012.

The Body

Spain, 2012, 108min
Director: Oriol Paulo

José Coronado - Jaime Peña, Hugo Silva - Álex Ulloa, Belén Rueda - Mayka Villaverde, Aura Garrido

In a thrilling thriller of a detective looking for a corpse, whose body disappeared from the morgue. Gripping story keeps the viewer in suspense, constantly forcing him to think about the circumstances of why the victim died and why it subsequently disappeared and her body. Inspector Jaime (Jose Coronado) is catching up with its own past, out of which he pulls it up the disappearance of a dead body from the morgue. During the investigation must be Jaime to find out how can a corpse without a trace to disappear from a closed box and why is the only witness in a coma due to an indescribable horror. The inspector, who is surrounded by his own nightmares, he suspects from the disappearance of the body of a dead woman her husband, a freshman widower Alex (Hugo Silva). He, however, denies guilt. Missing body, the wondrous phenomena... Jaime and Alex are connected to each other in the horror film, from which a chill. (the official text of the distributor)
Genre: Horror Mystery Thriller

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Rating by horrory.cz: 78 %
Rating by imdb.com: 74 %

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