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Mahi va gorbeh

Horror movie by Shahram Mokri from 2013.

Mahi va gorbeh

, 2013, 134min
Director: Shahram Mokri

Abed Abest - Parviz, Mona Ahmadi - Nadia, Ainaz Azarhoush - Parvaneh, Nazanin Babaei - Shirin,

Two cooks in a small restaurant at the end of the world, where they would grab dinner even the hungriest customer. A bag of rotten meat and the paranoia that the enterprise will arrive someone who did not go through the "gate". On the other side of the forest camp students and are preparing for a competition in flying a kite. Also in this group is ruled by nervousness. Nothing is as it should be, things are not in their places, and some visitors are perhaps already long dead. In the air something sinister, what causes, that result in not always must come after the cause. Last is in an organic whole intertwined with the future, the terms "now" and "here" they lose the sense and wandering characters from nowhere to nowhere for them itself starts to become a nightmare. Picture Goldfish and a cat is staring a mixture of horror, black comedy and reflections about the nature of time. Director Shahram Mokri played in a single, over two hours lasting shot admirably complicated choreography, whose refinement allows you to inspect the fates of the characters from different angles and time planes. (IFF Karlovy Vary)
Genre: Horror Mystery Drama

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Rating by horrory.cz: 63 %
Rating by imdb.com: 80 %

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