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Horror movie by Yorgos Noussias from 2005.


, 2005, 83min
Director: Yorgos Noussias

Meletis Georgiadis, Argiris Thanasoulas, Pepi Moschovakou, Stavroula Thomopoulou, Mary Tsoni, Andreas Kontopoulos, Nikos Sambalis, Yannis Katsambas, Daphne Larouni, Themis

Evil, the first zombie film of Greek cinema, carries all necessary features of its genre. Three builders are in exploring the underground cavity being attacked and infected with the (invisible) demon of evil. After returning home, one of the workers attacks on his wife and subsequently devour, the daughter with the help of a neighbor to save the escape. Another of the infected trio will cause a massive vyrojení of zombies at a football match. Andreas (Nikos Sabalis) is fleeing, and at the crucial moment is saved by a courageous Dimitriou (Stavroula Thomopoulouová), who returns home in a taxi. When the night comes to an end and there comes the day, these different groups come together, and adds them to the teeth armed Meletis (Meletis Georgiadis). Full-length debut devětadvacetiletého director and screenwriter Yorgos Noussiase is basically one long car chase, which does not frustrate the time explaining.
Budget: $187,000
Genre: Horror Action Comedy

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Rating by horrory.cz: 62 %
Rating by imdb.com: 55 %

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