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Hansel & Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft

Horror movie by David DeCoteau from 2013.

Hansel & Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft

USA, 2013, 83min
Director: David DeCoteau

Fivel Stewart, Booboo Stewart, Eric Roberts, Vanessa Angel, Judy Norton, Cherie Currie, Tyne Stecklein, Courtney B Turk, Kathryn Collins,

Ella (Fivel Stewart) and Jonah (Booboo Stewart) are twins who live with adoptive parents. Jonah is very troubled, and so the siblings often changed schools. Now the parents send to a very expensive private institution. Welcome is director Sebastian (Eric Roberts - Sharktopus [2010], Human centipede 3 [2014]). Jonah notices Megan (Tyne Stecklein), which after him peeks. Now go into a fight with Landon (if you would Gillis), who Megan is. Jonah is Megan sweet, Ella, on the contrary unpleasant. Elle will help ms. Keegan (Vanessa Angel - Mutant [2002] Sharks [2005]), the study counsellor. Ella lives with Kristen (Kathryn Collins), who works in the school paper and is going to reveal the secret. Before he could disappear. Ella's scared, but mrs Keegan she later says that Kristen came home. Jonah warns the housemates before the weird things at school happen. First he's scared, but then becomes popular and Landon, Megan and Reiko (Courtney B Turk) take him to the party. Hilarious troika has partnered with a local witch, who devours the souls of the students. The school is even in the translation called the Gingerbread house. Jonah is about a witch soon learns, but the friends he claims that they are doing good and that belongs to them. Jonah will believe, but Ella finds something else. Reveals that she and brother are čarodějobijci and that the witch is evil. In addition, finds that at this school studied their biological parents, also čarodějobijci. Ella gets the dagger that can kill a witch...
Budget: $1,000,000
Genre: Horror Action Adventure

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Rating by horrory.cz: 7 %
Rating by imdb.com: 26 %

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