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Behind the Wall

Horror movie by Paul Schneider from 2008.

Behind the Wall

Canada USA, 2008, 94min
Director: Paul Schneider

Lindy Booth, Lawrence Dane, James Thomas, Andy Jones, Brad Hodder, Suzie Pollard, Jody Richardson, Julia Kennedy, Mike Daly, Danny

As a child, found murdered the mother and of the crime he was accused of father. After years she returned to the scene of the crime, to reveal ancient secrets... When was Katelyn Parks (Lindy Booth Cry Wolf [2005], American psycho 2 [2002]) for eight years, found her mother brutally murdered in the lighthouse where they lived. Although the crime was full of confusion and secrets, they accused of him dívenčina father of Christopher (Mike Daly), who, in prison, insane. My daughter could only say, that in the lighthouse lurking scary evil. After twenty years with Katelyn, who still doesn't know what had really happened, returns to the small town in Maine. The lighthouse is already sold, but she must reveal a long-buried secret that is linked with her grandfather and with the violent events which occurred many years ago. This secret confirm the truth, which always instinctively believed - that her father, mother killed. But the vengeful ghost of the lighthouse intends to kill again, until Katelyn finds a way to stop and terminate once and for all a terrible nightmare.
Genre: Horror Thriller

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Rating by horrory.cz: 27 %
Rating by imdb.com: 37 %

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