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The Killing Game

Horror movie by Bobby Roth from 2011.

The Killing Game

USA, 2011, 90min
Director: Bobby Roth

Laura Prepon, Ty Olsson, Brian Markinson, Kavan Smith, Greyston Holt, Jamie Bloch, Naomi Judd, Ian Butcher, Sarah Smyth, Patricia

Ten years ago was little Bonnie, the daughter of Eve Duncan (Laura Prepon), kidnapped and murdered. Her body was never found. A murderer, condemned to death, refused to disclose where he hid them. Eve today he works for the police in Atlanta as a forensic sculptor - reconstructs the bodies of human victims. One day she gets a call from a mysterious man named Dom, and he says he knows where Bonnie's grave. Claims that Bonnie was reincarnated into a ten-year little girl named Jane (Jamie Bloch), and that he wants to kill. Eve with the help of his friend Joe (Ty Olsson - Willard [2003]), a police detective, Jane finds it, and when her foster mother then murdered, is determined to protect her. Violate doing so law, because Jane, who is entrusted to social care, can carry. Dom, with Eve playing a strange game, in which the increase of the murdered, but Eve have gone along. Is determined to protect Jane and to find the place where is buried her daughter. Both her eventually succeed, and will reveal the killer, which he knew about her every move, because he worked in the police force.
Genre: Horror Mystery Krimi

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Rating by horrory.cz: 46 %
Rating by imdb.com: 52 %

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