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Horror movie by Mike Flanagan from 2013.


USA, 2013, 105min
Director: Mike Flanagan

Brenton Thwaites, Katee Sackhoff, Rory Cochrane, Annalise Basso, Garrett Ryan, James Lafferty, Miguel Sandoval, Kate Siegel, Scott Graham, Michael J. Fourticq, Catherine Parker,

A woman tries to exonerate her brother, who was convicted of murder, by proving that the crime was committed by a supernatural phenomenon.

Oculus is a 2013 American supernatural psychological horror film written, edited and directed by Mike Flanagan.

Budget: $5,000,000
Genre: Horror Psychology

Imdb.com CZ film trailer Oculus on Wikipedia

Rating by horrory.cz: 66 %
Rating by imdb.com: 65 %

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