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The Lost Tree

Horror movie by Brian A. Metcalf from 2016.

The Lost Tree

USA, 2016, 99min
Director: Brian A. Metcalf

Michael Madsen, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Scott Grimes, Clare Kramer, Anna Sophia Berglund, Chris Kos, Jason James, Brian A. Metcalf, Riccardo Suriano, Allison Poe,

After a serious traumatic accident, a man leaves his old life behind and moves to an isolated cabin to start over. He soon learns of the surroundings of the area and its dangerous past.

The Lost Tree is a 2015 American horror film directed by Brian A. Metcalf. It stars Lacey Chabert (Black Christmas [2006]), Michael Madsen (Piranhaconda [2012], UKM: The Ultimate Killing Machine [2006]) and Scott Grimes (Critters 2 [1988]).

Genre: Horror Drama

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Rating by horrory.cz: 40 %
Rating by imdb.com: 67 %

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