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Apt Pupil

Horror movie by Bryan Singer from 1998.

Apt Pupil

USA, 1998, 111min
Director: Bryan Singer

Brad Renfro, Ian McKellen, Joshua Jackson, Mickey Cottrell, Michael Reid MacKay, Ann Dowd, Bruce Davison, James Karen, Marjorie Lovett,

Sixteen-year-old high school student Todd Bowden (Brad Renfro) reveals in the lonely old neighbor, nazi war criminal Kurt Dussandera (Ian McKellen). The former commander of the concentration camps for many years, hiding under a false identity in a peaceful american town. Todd, however, his severe detection not to report. It is sort of a sick way fascinated by the holocaust and blackmail will force Dussandera to him in detail told about the torture and the gas chambers. Among the talented young man and an old man with a terrible past slowly creates a special bond, whose consequences will, however, terrible.
Budget: $14,000,000
Genre: Horror Thriller Drama

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Rating by horrory.cz: 79 %
Rating by imdb.com: 66 %

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